Spring Cleaning and EZ Pro Mop product review

Has Spring sprung?  I don’t know about you, but here in Central PA it certainly seems like it.  Gorgeous sunshine tucked in between those instances of rain showers and surprise thunderstorms, fresh air, and for me, a desire to do some spring cleaning.  Throw open the windows, blow out the “stink” of winter and enjoy the scent (and sounds) of spring!

Clothes pinsPillows and  sheets, throws and blankets, comforters and quilts all came off the beds, couch and chair.  The alpaca blanket that hubby and I have on our bed for the winter was just washed recently so it was simply hung on the line, along with the pillows, to take in the wonderful scent of spring.  The rest of the linens, including the curtains from the dining room and living room, all “took their seasonal bath” and were hung back in place or stored until needed when Fall creeps up on us again, which for me will be much too soon.

When I get started on my spring cleaning frenzy I go a little crazy.  Get out of my way!  Coming through!  Cobwebs, I’ve seen the last of you!  Windows, watch out for birds!  Even if it was just cleaned the day before it’s getting cleaned again.  That being said, I knew I needed to take on my laminate floors…again.

Let me explain, when we built the house 10 years ago we put in laminate floors.  I have never been overly impressed with them.  It seems the “new floor shine” went away with the first cleaning never to be seen again.  You know, similar to that new car smell that you can just never quite get back? Sigh…

I tried everything…everything that I could get my hands on or had heard of at least.  I’d tried my share of microfiber mops, the “Shark” steam mop, the hard surface cleaning attachment on my carpet shampooer, scrubbing on my hands and knees, ouch! (I have a lot of laminate floor) and the Swiffer Wet Jet.

I tried different products for cleaning the floors like vineger, baby shampoo, and ivory soap.  I even tried using cleaning products designed specifically for laminate floors.  In fact, while cleaning under my mud room sink just the other day, I pulled out several partially used bottles of: Murphy’s “Original Formula” Oil Soap, Murphy’s “Just Squirt and Mop” Oil Soap, Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner, and Mop and Glo Wood Floor Cleaner.

Nothing ever seemed to get the floors back to that “new floor shine” that I missed.  The floors were “clean”.  I had just scrubbed them, but all of the products that I had tried left the floors “looking” streaked and dingy.  I was out of ideas.

So, when my husband came home from BJ’s with a new mop the other day I wasn’t hopeful.  I hadn’t had much success with anything I tried previously, why would this mop be different?  Because I wanted a clean floor that looked clean, I was willing to give it a try.

ex Pro Mop

ex Pro Mop

The new mop is called the EZ Pro Mop.  The packaging says it: sweeps and mops in one step, is great for picking up pet hair, dries hard preventing mold, mildew and bacteria, picks up liquids and spills like a magnet, acts like a vacuum, and works like a sponge.  That’s a lot to live up to so I gave it a shot.

This mop has worked the best for my floors!  The other mops, as stated above left my floors looking streaked and dingy, as well as with all those tiny pet hairs that the vacuum doesn’t pick up still spread around the floor.  The EZ Pro Mop picks up all of that!

The salesman at BJ’s said the mop head is supposed to last for a year and I hope it does.  The only thing I noticed when I took the mop head off of the mop handle was four little tears in the mop head.  I am assuming these are from the process of squeezing the water out of the mop head.  Hopefully these small tears will not get any larger and the mop head will last for the year that it is supposed to.

Imagine how much room these products take up as well as the amount of money I have spent trying to find products that work.  Well, not any more!

I would recommend everyone give this mop a try!

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  1. Cindy

    Thanks for your review! I brought 3 of these EZ Mops home today. I watched part of the demo but a another customer was so excited about it, she sold me. She said she previously had one several years ago & used it until it wore out. Then she could never find a replacement. She even saw one in someone’s trash & asked her husband to stop the car so she could retrieve it.
    Your husband is a smart man!

    • Rita DeCan

      Where can I get one? I saw them at Sam’s Club a while back and didn’t have the money to spend on the deal they were having. I am SO mad at myself now.

      • Kelly

        Rita, you can purchase online. Go to http://www.mitchellproducts.net and click EZ Pro Mop in the menu bar and it should take you to a page where there is a phone number. I am assuming you can order by calling this #. Thanks so much for the comment and I hope by visiting the site above you are able to purchase this wonderful product.

  2. Jen D

    I used to have the EZ Pro Mop but it broke eventually. Was very disappointed and then couldn’t find it again. So I researched and found a spin mop that works even better than the EZ Pro Mop. It’s self-wringing, which is a huge bonus to me. I cleaned my floor in 1/2 the time it usually takes me and the floor comes out sparking clean with no streaks!

    • Kelly

      Jen, Thank you so much for commenting on the post. I too am concerned that with continued “hard” use it will break. I am very interested to know what brand of self-wringing mop you found that works as well as you say. I have laminate floors, two dogs, and two boys that are constantly tracking dirt, mud (when it rains), hay and all kinds of “outdoorsy” things into the house. We have alpacas and Highland cows so you know what types of things I mean by “outdoorsy”. So I’m sure you can understand how important it is to me to have a mop that makes my job as easy as possible and cleans well. I Would love to hear from you! Kelly

  3. I got my EZ Pro Mop at Sam’s. at first was working great making my kitchen floor and hard wood floor pet hair and spells free. Then after one month troubles started like the extension handle keep separating and then during squeezing the water one of the probes holding the head coming out making the head dropping into the dirty water bucket. I had send email to the company and to my surprise got a call back in 24 hrs. Great costumer service, I thought. Was suggested to bend the prone little back out to prevent coming out, well didn’t work for long, 3 rinses and was back coming a part again.
    At this point I’m ready to return the mop . Great concept but mine broke after one month of using.

    • Mary Kay Hawkshead

      You mentioned that you sent an email to the EZPRO mop company. I bought one at Sam’s Club, and one of the heads was defective when I brought the mop home. Would you please post the email address, so that I may contact the company? The cardboard that was attached to the mop does not list one. The warranty states that you need to send the defective piece back with $8.50. I feel like I should have to pay that or shipping for something that was defective when I purchased it.
      Thank you.

  4. Jenn

    Hi my mom just got me this ex mop can anyone tell me how to keep the handle up I called the customer service she just said they been getting same calls to look on YouTube I’ve been looking and see nothng to show you if not I’ll be calling them again

    Thanks jenn

    • Kelly

      Jenn, I’m not exactly sure what problem you are having since I haven’t had any problems with my EZ Pro Mop. That being the case I’m not exactly sure how I can help you. Is it the top section of the mop that won’t stay up or does it collapse in the middle section? I’m not sure I will be able to help trouble shoot if I know the answers to either of my questions, but I will sure give it a shot. If I am not able to figure it out, I will have my husband look at it and see if he can help. He’s pretty mechanically savvy. Hope to hear from you soon. Kelly

  5. Kay

    I hope you didnt find and buy it. The first mop head ripped right off the black piece and you can not put it back on! I had purchased at Sams the second mop head. I put that one on..waited for it to get soft and pulled back the handled. The same thing happened the green sponge rips right off of the black piece! I have went to the website it is “under construction”! I called the number the voicemail states to leave your name and someone will return your call. Like this will ever happen!! BIGGEST WAISTE OF MONEY that I do not have!!

    • Kelly

      Kay, I’m sorry that this has been your experience with the EZ Mop. I have had no problems at all with mine and continue to love it. I guess, as with anything else, sometimes you just get a lemon. Thank you for commenting. It helps others make the best decision possible for themselves. Sincerely, Kelly

    • DEBBY

      mine has been going strong for 2 1/2 years…use it daily in the tile shower to keep it sparkling clean…am now replacing the mop heads.

  6. I bought my EZPro mop at Costco last summer, I was pretty sceptical, but it was a great deal 3 full mops, 3 replacement heads and 2 slushy glasses (those that you freeze then add a drink and it turns it into a slushy) for $50. When I got home I gave it a try and I loved it!! It picks up all the dog hair (and we have tons) and leaves my hard wood floors sparkling clean. I’ve been using mine for a long time now. It will be a year in July, it is still working great. The only problem is that the handle will slowly retrieve and I have to bend more and more but I fixed the problem having my husband tighten the handle really strong. I love mine it was a great buy plus I get a slushy after I finish cleaning!

    • Kelly


      Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you love your EZ-Pro Mop! I still love my mop…mostly because of how it does with dog hair (we have lots too)! I have never had a mop that leaves my laminate looking as great as this mop does. I must say though, I’m a bit envious. Ours didn’t come with a slushy glass, bummer! I wish you many happy years with your EZ Pro…and slushies of course!


  7. Lexi

    I know this post is a bit older, but I bought 2 EZpro mops in Feb 2013. I still havent opened my second one! My entire house is tile (5 kids, 3 dogs, a cat) so lots of use. It took 8 or 9 months until I had to replace the mop head.

    My only complaint(s) is after a while the bar kept sliding down (shortening itself) and the green “tip” at the end of the pole slipped off eventually. Easily can be glued on and ill figure out something to keep the bar from sliding. I know I can have it replaced but for the small issues im having it’s not worth yet shipped back and paying $9 on top of that to have a new one sent. Still love it!

    • Kelly


      Thanks for stopping by and letting me and my readers know you love your EZ-Pro Mop. I appreciate your comments on how you fixed/will fix the tip of the pole. I would love to hear your fix for the sliding bar once you have done that. It’s great to know that yours mop has gotten LOTS of use and how long your 1st mop head lasted. With spring being in the air (finally!) we will have all the more reason to put our mops to use with rains and kids playing outside.

      Happy mopping!

  8. Amiel

    We love our EZ PRo, except our local SAMs doesn’t carry it anymore. Where can we get refill heads?

    • Kelly


      I’m glad you stopped by to let us know that you too love the EZ Pro mop. We got ours when one of the salespeople were doing their “special promotion” setups. When I first posted this article you were able to purchase replacement heads through http://www.ezpromop.com but since then their site has been “under construction” and no on-line orders are accepted. There is a phone number on that site (unfortunately I do not think it is a toll free number) that you can call to order. Other than going that route, I am unaware of other ordering options. If you learn anything new about ordering, please stop by again and let us know. I’m sure we would all be glad to hear good news about re-ordering.


  9. Cj

    I had a problem with the handle and also the mop head flipping around. When I checked out the video online I went to the part where the mop head is being replaced, try tightening the part that you screw and it should work better for you. After I did this there were no further issues.

  10. Carol

    This is the best mop ever. The sponge kept slipping off when I first set it
    up. But after watching the instructional video, I adjusted it. No problems since. It’s so easy to use and no need to vacuum first. Really cleans and holds particles. Love it.

  11. Carla

    I would talk to Sam’s Club or Costco about any issues you’re having. They let them in the stores to sell this mop and they should be held accountable.

    • Kelly


      That is a good idea. Although I know many times when you purchase an item at a store it will state right on the packaging not to return it to the store that you bought it from, but to return it directly to the company. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what is going on with the EZPro company as their website still states that they are not accepting on-line ordering at this time. Maybe the information that you or I gave in my reply to Mary Kay will prove beneficial. I certainly hope so.

  12. Jessica

    I just bought my mops to try out. The product is new to Canada, but I just thought I’d mention this: No, The warranty may not be worth the 9.00 to you to get a new one but for most stores, like Costco or Canadian Tire you can just take it back there with receipt and get a new one free of charge. The manufacturer deals with it from that point.

    • Kelly

      Jessica, Thanks for the info. It’s good to know that Costco takes it back (with receipt) as I would have assumed that they wouldn’t since many items in stores actually say not to return it to the store of purchase. Hope you like your new mops. I continue to love mine and swear it is the best mop I’ve ever used.

  13. val

    I love this mop!!! I have over a 3,400 sq ft home with hardwood floors through out . This is only mop I found that does not leave streaks. I am so thankful to find a product that actually does what it says.

  14. SALLY

    Just a couple times of using it , the handle is loose, is there any way I can fix it instead of replace a new one, coz I don’t think Canadian Tire carried it any more.

  15. joe pearson

    I LOVE this mop. I brag about it on Facebook all of the time. I’m ready to purchase another one today because I used it in the garage (with oil and grease), so I need another one for the inside of the home. Best mop ever made!

  16. Althiea Moats

    I also purchased the EZ Pro and the first one worked fine. The second one after soaking it the head ripped off!!! When I contacted the company the rep was very rude and basically told me I didn’t know what I was doing or that I didn’t read the instructions. I also do not think I should have to pay even for the shipping cost. I feel at the price we paid for this product that the company should stand behind their product… I do plan on contacting the BBB and making a formal complaint

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