Meet Kelly

Hello There,

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that by meeting me here you will find something that makes you say “I want to get to know her.”  I am not terribly exciting, but I hope what I have to say here, and in my blog, speaks to your heart.

I am a sinner, saved by Grace.  I seek to be transparent, honest and unpretentious.  My desire is to encourage and edify and to live an intentional, graceful life.  That being said, I am not perfect…although to my detriment I have lived much of my life trying to be.  It doesn’t work…trust me.

This blog will likely be an eclectic mix of posts.  My hope is that you will find something to take away from each post, something that will impact you in a positive way, something that will make you think about things just a little differently that you have before.  Comments and thoughts are encouraged.  This is my way of getting to know you and opening the door for discussion and growth.  Consider this blog , and me, a “work in progress”, an opportunity to “become” what God plans.

On a more intimate note, I am a wife of 21 years to my wonderful husband and mom to two fantastic boys whom I adore.  We homeschool and live on a hobby farm consisting of: alpacas, highland cattle, a turkey, chickens, guineas, outside cats and two dogs.

I hope you and I will get to know each other and call each other “friend” as we travel this road together.




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  1. Thanks for the blessings, back at you.

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