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Margin. What is it and How do we get it?

What is margin? mar·gin – noun      1.  the edge or border of something.      2. an amount by which a thing is won or falls short. When I think of margin, I think of notebook paper.  What purpose do … Continue reading

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You are Created by God to be Uniquely You

Snow!  Snow! And more snow!  We had over 7 inches here yesterday.  I wrote this post on The Longest Winter just a few short weeks ago sharing my longing to see the green of spring and we got A LOT MORE … Continue reading

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I have deceived you.

I have lied to you all. Yes, you read that right. You see, I have built walls around myself to pretend that your hurtful words don’t go straight to my heart.  I have shut myself off and told myself “it … Continue reading

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